April 29, 2013

April Monday Mixed Media Dare Finished!

Hi everyone!  I have been so busy and was not sure I was going to be able to do April's Dare.... but I got it done.  It really does pay off to have some back grounds done so you can just pick something up and go with it!!
So here goes!! The challenge was to use 5 words that describe you or you would be remembered by.
My words are:
Loving, Giggles, Creative, Patient, and Sweet.
Here is my finished piece.

Thanks Tracy for such a wonderful challenge.  You really should check her out at

Happy almost Birthday to Tracy!
Bring on May!!!

March 22, 2013

March ATC Trade

I had a great time at our March ATC Trade night at Paper Pals in Pullman.  We had a great turn out and some amazing cards.  Thanks to all of you!
I got my cards done on Monday, that's early for me!  So I thought I would share with you what my cards turned out like.
So here we go.... I call them Bubble Time.  Our theme was spring or mating season.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope that Spring really does come soon!  I am tired of the snow, sleet, and cold.
Happy Crafting.

March 18, 2013

My March Dare is finished!

Hi everyone!  I have finished my March Creative Dare from Tracy Weinzapfel Studio's blog and website.  Well I think it's done for now.  I tend to go back and doodle more and more till I feel it's really done.
If you haven't watched her Monday night live web cast, you should.  All of the details are here on her blog, You really should watch her, she is a very creative and fun person!
Here are my two pages in my journal for the dare.  We had to use a song and buttons in our dare this month.
This is also my first time to try her Creative Dare!  I had a great time. I have planed another project with a mixed media canvas and some of these ideas for a special gift for my son.  When I get that done, I will share it with you as well.
Till next time,
Keep up your creative projects.

March 4, 2013

Monday and Sunny!

Hi everyone.  It's Monday and the sun is out!  That's a strange thing around here lately.  Now if it will just get to around 55 today that would be great.  
I have been working more in my art journal.  I finally finished my 2nd set of pages and also started a 3 set of pages.  I have been watching video how too's and over loading my brain.  It's been fun!  I have been working on my drawing and painting skills too.  I will post pictures of those later, as they are still being worked on.
So here are some photos of what those pages look like in my journal.  

This one is the crafty side of the mom.

This one is the Mom.

This is one of the new pages I started on my art day with my mom.  We had a great time and she got all messy and loved every minute of it.

Here is page two of the new start.  I am not too crazy about the almost neon pink that my spray ink turned in to.  Learned more about spraying your water based inks with sealer first before moving and learn.

This week is going to a busy one.  I have lots of stuff to do.  I am working on some embroidery work for a designer and need to git it done and back to her.  I have an Art Journal class I am taking at my local paper crafting store, Paper Pals.  I am taking this with my best friend.  I have her addicted to this stuff too!  Then I get to go paint some more walls down at our new antique mall we are getting ready to open.  I also get to paint a really cool plate shelf that my husband found for me for paint and craft storage.  I have to make it match my new studio, right?
So hope everyone has a great week!
I will talk to you soon.

February 18, 2013

I have started two new pages in my journal and this is how far I got.  I have more work to do.  So keep watching!  Had to put it aside to work on ATC cards.  Trade night is Wed, so gotta get them done first!

I made my first pages in my art journal.  I just got right in there and did it in about 6 hours.  I did about 3 hours one night and got up early to spend the next 3 getting it done.  It was fun and I can't wait to make more!

January 28, 2013

Jan ATC 
Kitchen Art


Picture made for mom

Well it's Monday and we just got rid of all our snow and look what I woke up to this morning!  More Snow!
This weekend I worked on some unfinished mixed media projects.  I got three done completely.  And a real good push to finish about 5 more.  I spent the day in the studio sharing space with my husband while we watched Big Bang Theory and he did his WOW stuff.
Earlier this week we had ATC club trade night.  That was a blast. We all traded some really cool cards.  I got to see good friends and shop a little at Paper Pals.  Love to go there and get inspired.

I also too a 30 minute web class about art journaling. I then spent half the day watching videos on the subject.  Well now that's all I can think about.  I dreamed about it that night and decided that I would go ahead and take that new leap and start one!  So I went out and got some more paint (good reason to get new and more goodies to play with), two art journals, some more glue and now I just have to get going.  I don't know that I will have time to do it every day but at least a few days a week.  Check out pinterest and you tube for great videos if you are thinking about trying it.  I will share with you some photos of stuff I have been working on this weekend and my ATC cards and some from other people in my group.  If you think you want to join our ATC group stop by and talk to Karen for more details.  It's easy and they are smaller in size.  We have about 28 people in our group now.
So Happy Monday and get crafting on something today.  Maybe finish something or start something new that you have been thinking about.