February 27, 2014

2014 What I have been doing!

Ok........ I know I have been missing in action for a about a year almost.  I have had many changes in life.  Got a new job, moved due to the new job.  Trying to find my husband a job closer to where we now live.  Trying to down size my house and put stuff in storage!!! Trying to find stuff!!!! OMG!  Hate moving!

Then my son moved in with us for about 4 months.  That was even more crazy.  Where to put him with all the other stuff I don't know what to do with!!!  He was a trooper and was just glad to be here.  Thanks!!!

I have take a few on line art classes this past year by Kat McBride.  She has been wonderful.

This past November I turned 40 and my husband gave me a year long class.  Lifebook 2014 with Tamara Laporte.  I am so enjoying this class.  So I thought what a good time to update what I have been up to.
So I will share with you some of my photos from Kat's Class and from the Lifebook 2014 Classes so far.

These are a couple of my drawings/ paintings from Kat McBrides' Class.  I have had fun drawing and painting with her all year.

 Another sketch and paining From Kat's Class.
 This mermaid is not done yet.  I have to give her a back ground.  Soon though!
 This owl is a drawing for ATC Card Swap that I drew and colored.  I had a great time making him.

These girls are ATC cards that I made for a swap on line that went to Australia.  They are so cute with their hats!

These are from my first class with Tamara Laporte & Willowing Arts.
Trying to find my style.
 This is my Guardian from Tamara Laporte and Lifebook 2014
 This is my warm up lesson from week 1 of LifeBook 2014 with Tamara.
This is week 2 with Micki Wilde.... she was a lot of fun and got you to just enjoy painting and drawing and doodling.

 Week 4 with Kelly Hoernig.  This mixed media was so much fun.

 These are my Sugar Divas from week 5 with Marieke Blokland.  That was so much fun.... I am going to keep making these girls!!!  I could just draw their heads all day and make a bunch of them!

 This is week 6 with Tamara and playing with ink sprays.  OMG!  Love the Spray Inks!!!  Messy but so much fun!!! The one below is my Spray Ink and lady picture.  This is another part of week 6 with Tamara Laporte.  I had a great time with these.
Ok so that's what I have been doing in wrap!
I am working on week 7 right now and then on to 8.  As I am falling a bit behind these days.  I have been stitching for work some of the time too.  So Gotta get my groove back !
Hope you can check out the Lifebook 2014 classes and check out these great Artist Ladies.  They have been so much fun and I am learning a lot of good stuff from them.
I will keep you up to date better these next few months.
Hope everyone is getting warmer weather and looking forward to spring like me!